Tuesday 20 October, 2009


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Invergordon Big Man - He came, he went, he was beautiful!

Thank you Invergordon for supporting the Big Man! Karrie and I have SO ENJOYED meeting and working with some of you. Thanks for making cakes and waltzing. Wasn't the Highland Gathering great fun and went so well! And the seagulls - what a response from the crowd - you did fabulously girls! It was amazing tonight, so many visitors said how much they enjoyed the whole event.

Jackie Goodie of Zenwing Puppets

Gentle Giant brought community together!

This week we witnessed a big, gentle giant melt the hearts of Invergordon folk.

The Puppet Lab brought a little bit of magic to touch our town as Big Man Walking was a spectacle that was really incredible and had to be seen live. Four and a half thousand came to the town to take that opportunity.

It is about inspiring a belief that anything is possible and it certainly did.

Children who had read the story books smiled and waved all the way round. A favourite moment was witnessing a sea of adults dancing at the Natal Garden Tea Dance, where all around people shared cake and craic with visitors.

Thank you for the local welcome. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Karrie and Jackie of Zenwing Puppets, who had involved swathes of the local community, from Brownies to Bowlers in all the preparations; the guys and girls from Birchwood Highland and the Isoble Rhind Centre; all the local schools; Guides; the Wildcats; Henry and his drumming crew from Milton Woods and St Ninian's Church.

Others who contributed hugely were the Ross Sutherland Rugby Club for the rope cordon; Les and Paul Clark, Port Servicesfor the curtain sider; the Cromarty Firth Port Authority for storage assistance, banner raising and help with parking; Robert, Elizabeth and Colin at the Arts Centre and all the young people who helped them; and Jaki and the Fire Brigade for posting our banners.

Let's not forget local traders, who mucked in with their contributions also; Meg's, The Corner Shop and SER Supplies. Finally local police and parking wardens, who liaised with the organisers for the event.

You can see from the list that this was a really encompassing community event. We apologise if we have missed out anyone who helped in any way.

A great big thank you to everybody who turned up on such a cold day to make this such a successful event.

Invergordon off the Wall Committee

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