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I love the pictures you have of Invergordon on your website. I'm from Invergordon but have been living in Aberdeen for the past 10 years. I do try to come home a few times a year and seeing the beautiful pictures especially the one of the sunset just makes me slightly homesick!!
From ReplySent 21/09/2006

Think that the site is great ... but just have to point out few negative thoughts about "the murals" ... was in town recently and overheard some German tourists talking about how dirty and poor Invergordon looked ... and I must say I agree. Although there is no doubt as to the quality of the artwork on display, can't really say that it is an improvement to the town's appearance. The weather here is far too dreicht and grey that far from brightening up the place it just makes it look (now I dont mean this in a bad way) ... it looks cheap !!!
Tourist coming here want tartan twee and Invergordon doesn't do that ... with one exception there are no nice tea-shops or cafe bars ,nor bureau de change facilities, nor any more elegant welcoming shops ... I fully understand the need for local shops for local people but there is also need for supporting visitors ideas of a "wee Highland town" ... have any of the people involved in the various projects to improve the town ever visited Strathpeffer, Dornoch or even Luss ... for some reason these little towns have managed to improve with a little style. Come on Invergordon ... lets have some quality and panache !!!
From ReplySent 24/07/2006
High Street

Great website but what does anyone else feel that the town is becoming more and more empty by the day. There are no shops open beyond 9pm, the pubs are completely empty and we used to have such a lovely wide High Street and now you can hardly move or get parked - what a nightmare - when you do go down to the high street in the evening it is full of teenagers who are just throwing rubbish around, drinking and fighting which can be quite intimidating to some. Of course there are hardly any police around because we now have one police station between the two towns. I must admit I am shopping more and more in Alness now.
From ReplySent 21/07/2006
Good website

I liked the website and would look into visiting up in your area.
From ReplySent 04/07/2006
Best wishes for the future

Your town is lovely were sure you love living there,we did 35 years ago.Looks great and cannot wait to visit again to see even more changes,great webpage
From ReplySent 23/05/2006
good web site

What a fantastic site,a credit to all who have worked on the project and of course the Wonderful Murals.It will be interesting to have another look in the future to see how Invergordon has changed. We will hopefully be paying a visit at some point. P Mallabone. Hinckley, Leicestershire.
From ReplySent 13/04/2006
Murals & Website

Just wanted to say how great it is to see the community coming together with regards to the murals, they look fantastic and the plans for future ones sound exciting. Also want to say congratulations on the website, I loved the pictures of the murals and the old photos of days gone by in particular. Keep up the good work and I hope the murals will attract many new people to the town.
From ReplySent 04/04/2006

as an artist i was very impressed with the work of Ken when i come up there i'll make a point of viewing his work more closely regards Robert Lodge.
From ReplySent 26/03/2006
Looking great!

I grew up in Invergordon and its great to see the town looking so good and something so interesting going on.
From ReplySent 26/03/2006
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