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Alan Potter 1
Alex(Accie) Davidson1
Alice Wilson2
Alison Stewart9
Amanda Connell1
Ann Crawford66
Anna Smith0
Anna Smith1
Anthony Mitchell4
Bill Gilmour2
Catheline Hogg26
Chris Cochrane12
Danny Coutts1
Davie Matthews1
Derek Gordon- photographer70
Donnie Fraser5
Duncan Meechan7
George Kelman38
Helen Kermode21
Ian Chalmers1
Invergordon RNLI3
Iris Fleming1
Jamie Kelman1
Jim Cameron1
Joan Ross - Alness Heritage Centre3
John Duguid Ross 26
Kate O' Brien1
Malcolm McKean13
Marie Gordon7
Marion Rhind2
Murray Macleod2
Noreen Kelman53
Park School Publications6
Peter Robertson33
Philippa Nairn5
Sheila Burgess7
Steve des Landes4
Tracey Shough26

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