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Good Day

During the last two weeks I have been travelling around the Highlands
and Islands Fire and Rescue Service area taking pictures of fire
stations and their respective fire engines. When I was in Invergordon
I was very interested to see the murals in your town and especially,
of course, Fire! Fire!

One of the fire engines depicted in the mural was a 1954 Dennis F8
that was actually delivered to the North Eastern Area Fire Brigade at
Aberdeen although it was acquired by the Northern Area Fire Brigade in
1975 and subsequently restored and preserved by the Highland and
Islands Fire Brigade. I assume that it was used as 'a model' for the
fire mural.

Unfortunately the vehicle fell into neglect and was sold at the
Scottish Motor Auctions at Kinross in March 2008. Since then it has
found a new home in Malta! I have been asked to forward my photograph
of the mural to the Malta Historic Vehicle Society as they are very
pleased that their fire engine is included in the superb painting.

At some time in the future I will be producing a CD of my travels
around the fire brigades in Scotland and I will include a picture of
the fire mural in Invergordon. I would also like to include the
details about the Fire! Fire! mural and regarding your fascinating
project that I have found on your website so I would be most grateful
if you would kindly give me permission to use the copyrighted

Thank-you for an interesting diversion to my usual fire engine exploits.

Best regards.

Simon Rowley
Fire Service Historian

From ReplySent 12/07/2010

dvd was given to us as a present we watched it with great pleasure and look forward to seeing them ourselves. our favorite was the school and the fire station well done to all involved
From ReplySent 01/07/2010
Really Interesting Murals

My husband and myself recently called into Invergordon whilst on s cruise holiday. We duly visited Inverness, but were so very glad we had time to look around Invergordon. The murals are great and it's such a pleasure to turn a corner and see another one. Although we appreciate all the murals, we're so glad we called into the railway station, the murals there are a real gem.
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and hope you'll soon be in a position to commission more murals.
From ReplySent 20/06/2009

I think that the murials make the street look really stupid to be honest i mean the street needes somnething but not this, i would concentrte on sorting out under age drinking before this you wonder why the kids are drinking and fighting maybe there nothing to do in this town its turning into a dive.
From davidReplySent 23/07/2008
Well done!

Well, the murals give me a buzz everytime I cycle past, regardless of whether I like the design - I know that each has been a labour of love and they tell me something about the people who made them happen. Standing on the lonely train platform makes me contemplate on life, family and friends. The only problem is the clock! We could do with a real clock as well - its very confusing, maybe I should contact network rail!

Anyhow, everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.
From ReplySent 01/03/2008

I wish the murals would be painted over, they have spoilt the look of the town and it makes me sad to see them.
From ReplySent 19/02/2008
Your Murals

I love the Murals!! I especially love the one at your towns train staion. Its great work and I wonder if you plan to do anymore? I think it would be nice to see ALL the local schools paint part of their school to add into the spirt of the towns vision.

Looking fwd to visiting again, perhaps you could provide some sunshine next time!
From PeterReplySent 29/01/2008
Painting Pretty Pictures

It will take a lot more than murals, attractive though they may be, to paint over the empty shops and lack of "GET UP AND GO " that appears to be the trend in the Invergordon Business world.Take lessons from Alness,a town that's managed to keep it's head above water despite all the unemployment which hit both towns in recent years
From ReplySent 09/12/2007

I was happily suprised to see a familiar surname called Barr on your list of drummers. I'm doing my family history on my dad's side just now. He served in the QOCH during World War 2 in Burma. He died in June 1991. His name is William Hendry Barr after his father. Turns out dad was one of 10 children not 5 as I was led to believe. Those I knew are Stephen (oldest), Bessie, Angie,Richard (youngest). Have just learned in June of another brother called Thomas brought up by by dad's father's brother George and his wife Janet. I'm now in contact with his 2 children Allison and Heather and mother Margaret (Aunt Meg). Dad was born on the 9 March 1918. He lived in Bridgeton and Shettleson until his marriage to Isabella Webster Anderson in January 1953. I was born in November the same year. The three of us moved to East Kilbride where I still live. My mum died on 21 June 1963 from heart disease. She had the opportunity of an operation in Leeds which only extended her life span by 24 hours. I am wondering if there is a family connection however slight to drummer Bert Barr.

Your website looks great.

Thank you
From ReplySent 14/11/2007

can you send me an application form?
many thanks
From ReplySent 19/10/2007
some questions

1) was it really impossible to find local artists who could do this?
2) is the brief still in the public domain?
3) how much were the artists paid?
4) did you consider commissioning more political and/or contemporary art?
5) the murals you have selected look safe in style and dated. Was anything more cutting edge considered?
6) how many entrants were there and how were the winning designs chosen?
From ReplySent 19/10/2007
looking forward to seeing hard work

Really enjoy the website the pictures and murals look fantastic.
Would love to pay you a visit to see all the changes and hard work for my self
From ReplySent 19/10/2007
Fire mural

To brighten up the town of Invergordon is an excellent idea I must admit...and some of the murals are nice to look at...but dont want to put down good aristry in any form. It is really concerning that one mural in particular is a wee bit disturbing 'Fire Fire' I hate it and i am sure I am not alone on this comment. Why make a tourist attraction out of a disaster that lost lives!? Very little thought was put into this mural...and no feelings where thought about it. Would you paint a mural of the twin towers? dont think so..You spent money on this? and expect everyone to love it?. All I can say is Some memory to a hotel fire...a bit sick dont you think!
From ReplySent 17/10/2007
Princess Ann

Delighted to see the pics Of Jimmy Campbell and Davy Ross in the local press both gentlemen and ambassadors of our wee town.The pics at the train station are great an awful bother trying the handles though!!.
From RockJockReplySent 06/10/2007
Cruise Passengers

It was excellent to see how much the cruise visitors are enjoying the murals; studying them carefully and taking numerous photos of them. Well done to all of you for making Invergordon more interesting for them!
From ReplySent 16/07/2007

Fascinating stuff. I am just finalising a dissertation around very similar issues based on Dingwall...after 6 weeks of hell maybe I should have chosen Invergordon! I find the R&C region and the small towns within it fascinating as a geographer though, and it is great to see so many initiatives in place to support the history of the area and integrate this alongside contemporary change.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear anything more of my findings.

Jon Goodall
From ReplySent 26/04/2007
looking forward to seeing it in person

If Chemainus is 'the little town that did' then Invergordon will be known as 'the little town that did better'. Just wanted to let you all know how proud and amazed I am at how far the project has come from such humble beginnings, you are all a credit to Invergordon, its wonderful to see the town developing and developing its heritage. Well done and from an Invergordon lass overseas thank you very much!! See you all soon, can't wait to see them in person, Rach
From ReplySent 27/01/2007
I love Scotland

Your website is wonderful! I really enjoy the pictures! I love Scotland and I would like to visit Invergordon one day! I think, I lived once in Scotland in a former life ;-) How can it be, that I have such a longing for Scotland!

Best regards from

Iris (An Italian who lives in Germany ;-)
From ReplySent 10/12/2006

I love the pictures you have of Invergordon on your website. I'm from Invergordon but have been living in Aberdeen for the past 10 years. I do try to come home a few times a year and seeing the beautiful pictures especially the one of the sunset just makes me slightly homesick!!
From ReplySent 21/09/2006

Think that the site is great ... but just have to point out few negative thoughts about "the murals" ... was in town recently and overheard some German tourists talking about how dirty and poor Invergordon looked ... and I must say I agree. Although there is no doubt as to the quality of the artwork on display, can't really say that it is an improvement to the town's appearance. The weather here is far too dreicht and grey that far from brightening up the place it just makes it look (now I dont mean this in a bad way) ... it looks cheap !!!
Tourist coming here want tartan twee and Invergordon doesn't do that ... with one exception there are no nice tea-shops or cafe bars ,nor bureau de change facilities, nor any more elegant welcoming shops ... I fully understand the need for local shops for local people but there is also need for supporting visitors ideas of a "wee Highland town" ... have any of the people involved in the various projects to improve the town ever visited Strathpeffer, Dornoch or even Luss ... for some reason these little towns have managed to improve with a little style. Come on Invergordon ... lets have some quality and panache !!!
From ReplySent 24/07/2006
High Street

Great website but what does anyone else feel that the town is becoming more and more empty by the day. There are no shops open beyond 9pm, the pubs are completely empty and we used to have such a lovely wide High Street and now you can hardly move or get parked - what a nightmare - when you do go down to the high street in the evening it is full of teenagers who are just throwing rubbish around, drinking and fighting which can be quite intimidating to some. Of course there are hardly any police around because we now have one police station between the two towns. I must admit I am shopping more and more in Alness now.
From ReplySent 21/07/2006
Good website

I liked the website and would look into visiting up in your area.
From ReplySent 04/07/2006
Best wishes for the future

Your town is lovely were sure you love living there,we did 35 years ago.Looks great and cannot wait to visit again to see even more changes,great webpage
From ReplySent 23/05/2006
good web site

What a fantastic site,a credit to all who have worked on the project and of course the Wonderful Murals.It will be interesting to have another look in the future to see how Invergordon has changed. We will hopefully be paying a visit at some point. P Mallabone. Hinckley, Leicestershire.
From ReplySent 13/04/2006
Murals & Website

Just wanted to say how great it is to see the community coming together with regards to the murals, they look fantastic and the plans for future ones sound exciting. Also want to say congratulations on the website, I loved the pictures of the murals and the old photos of days gone by in particular. Keep up the good work and I hope the murals will attract many new people to the town.
From ReplySent 04/04/2006
Looking great!

I grew up in Invergordon and its great to see the town looking so good and something so interesting going on.
From ReplySent 26/03/2006

as an artist i was very impressed with the work of Ken when i come up there i'll make a point of viewing his work more closely regards Robert Lodge.
From ReplySent 26/03/2006
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