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First stages
Members of Saltburn community were involved in the design brief with artist Ken White.
Saltburn school panel

The first panel depicts the Saltburn school which was built by the Saltburn stonemasons, who also built part of the new town in Edinburgh.The old school is now the village hall and the hub of all community activities.

Architectural panel

The second panel shows stonemasons working and a variety of different architectural styles which can be seen in Saltburn.

The gable shows a stylised dramatic sunrise over Saltburn with wildfowlers in their punts in the background. The wildfowlers lay flat in their punts, stole quietly up on the birdsand then slapped the water with their hands make the birds flight.

In the foreground a fishwife carries her creel, whilst the two shifty looking characters in the corner are smuggling salt. Salt was a very expensive commodity in days gone by and was smuggled ashore to a burn - hence the name, Saltburn.

Before-blank canvas
After-complete mural
After-complete mural
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