South Lodge Community

South Lodge School Community Wing Management Committee was formed around 1980 for the purpose of providing education, recreation and leisure facilities, by associating with the Local Authority, Voluntary Organisations and inhabitants, with the object of improving the conditions of life of the residents of Invergordon

TheCommittee is made up of representatives from the user groups of the Community Wing, i.e. Brownies, Junior Football Club, Craft Class etc.

The Wing comprises the Gym Hall and upstairs Coffee Bar, which have been successfully used for Massage Evenings, Discos, Meetings, Polling Station, Birthday parties etc. It is hoped to commence social dancing in the near future.

The Committee would welcome new ventues and ideas from interested parties in order to provide as wide a range of facilities as possible to the community. The rental of the Community Wing is deliberately kept low in order to be affordable to as many groups and individuals as possible.

At present the Committe consists of Alex Gaston - Chairperson; Mary Wiseman - Treasurer; Catherine Gaston - Minute Secretary; Una McIntosh - Secretary; Members - Mairie Matthew, Lisa McIntosh, Jaki Gardner and Mary Kennedy

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