'The Long Goodbye'

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The Invergordon off the Wall committee commissioned artist Tracey Shough and approved her design. Tracey has done a huge amount of research for this mural and has come up with what I'm sure you will all agree is a truly inspirational tribute to the Seaforth Highlanders.

The following is a brief description from Tracey:-

The subject chosen for the mural by the local community was the 4th battalion Seaforth Highlanders and the events leading up to their capture and thus, demise, during the Second World war.

The platform panels concentrate on the departure of the Seaforths in 1939, from the station itself. The panels depict parting loved ones and anxious soldiers, as well as features of the old station such as the ticket office and the station cat.

Four of the panels will be painted with wartime style railway posters, designed and painted by arts students from Invergordon Academy. (I have inserted real posters from the time in the design for effect)

The walls of the interior of the archway space will follow the story of the soldiers leading to their imprisonment.

The right hand wall shows men from the regiment in a Bren Gun carrier under Stuka attack, and one of them who was mortally wounded being carried by a comrade to safety.

The archway itself depicts St Valery en Caux, where they were surrounded and on the morning of June 13th 1940, surrendered and taken prisoner by Rommel’s army. The deer rising from the flames of St Valery is the regimental emblem.

The left hand wall shows the men on the long march to the prison camp. It shows a local peasant girl giving water; tired soldiers being called to rest by the trees above; a daring escapee; and soldiers foraging for nettles and dandelions to eat.

The story of the events of June 1940 in St Valery is often omitted from our history books, and it is hoped that the mural will commemorate the Invergordon Seaforths of whom only one or two remain.

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